A population of over 400,000 with more than five different costume styles called Shui is mainly located in southern Guizhou Province and northern Guangxi Province.



Further information about the Dong ethnic minority group.


Dong Architectures

Drum-tower and Roofed Bridge in Dong village are two kinds of ancient buildings in China which were the cream of architecture art and the gem of national culture, which made a great contribution to the architectural art and occupied an important place both in architecture and ethnology. Drum-tower and Roofed Bridge in Dong village are…


Rural markets

Living scattered and being busy with their farm work, farmers have no time shopping in the town often. Then through negotiations, the neighboring villagers fixed some certain dates for trading goods that included some crops produced by themselves, it was so-called Villages Fair or Rural Market. In order to keep this market being continued to…

Wedding (5)

Wedding by Dong people

1: Bride invites her close friends to share the happy dinner. 2: The time to leave for bridegroom’s home, the bride is taking a last look at her attriring.   3: The man from the bridegroom’s side is tired with the red bedding given by the bride family. 4: He walks in the front with…


Dong Headwear

There are over 30 different types of Dong costumes. Each of them has their own special headress.



About the Miao ethnic minority group



The Yao nationality one of the minority groups who reside in the mountainous terrain of the southwest and south of China, Laos, Thailand and Vientnam with a population of 2800,000 in China, and roughly 500,000 in Vietnam