9-day Tour in Guizhou and Guangxi provinces

Day 1

Arrive in Guiyang airport. You are picked up and transfer toward west to AS. On the way visit Tunpu, the Old Han village (600 years ago, they moved here and lived an isolate life, all the costumes and lifestyles are still kept in old style.). Stay overnight in Ash City.

Day 2

Visit the great waterfall here and a village of Buyi people, where all the architectures are made of stones. Stay overnight in Gy City.

Day 3

Drive for 2 hours to Kaili, the capital of the Miao and Dong minority region. Visit the traditional Miao villages around here. Stay in Kaili.

Day 4

Drive 4 hours to Rojig. Visit some other Miao villages with different type of their costumes. And another minority, Dong, starts to appear! Stay overnight in Rj town.

Day 5

Drive 1.5hour to visit the beautiful Dong villages with group of drum towers and well-kept traditional architectures and also possible to have opportunity to hear the Dong’s famous angel-voice singing. Then the special Miao village is also very attractive, the only village that the people are allowed to have hunting guns and the men keep long hair in a bun on top of the heads! Stay overnight in the biggest Dong village.

Day 6

Drive 3 and half an hour to Chengyang, to visit this famous wood roofed bridge, which is protected by the state. On the way the beautiful eco-museum Dong village can be worth stopping. And Diping roofed bridge is also nice. Stay overnight at Cy village.

Day 7

Drive 3 hours to the famous terrace paddies region, Longji. Walking up to the mountain and enjoy great project by the farmers, the terrace. Stay overnight in the Zhuang village.

Day 8

Drive about 4 hours to Yangshuo to visit the famous special natural sceneries!! Stay overnight here.

Day 9

Drive 2 hours to the airport and see you off here to the next destination.