Duanwu (Chinese Dragon-boat Festival) Festival Trip 2018

001x1: Characteristic:  Festival will be held all over China, it is so-called the dragon-boat festival. But here this festival is going to held at the Miao village, without any concerning with dragon boats, they just celebrate in their own way. It is on the western part of Guizhou Province. The Miao women will dressed with festival costumes to sing and dance happily.


2: Time: (Fr.14 to 27/06)

3: Day by day programs:

D01(14/06): Fly from home

D02(15/06): Arrive in GY airport. Picking up and transfer to AS.

D03(16/06): LZ: Visit  Han village, the BY stone village and  Miao village.

D04(17/06): ZJ: Visit LongC rural market and then the Lh Miao village.

D05(18/06): HQ: Visit the ‘Duanwu’ Festival at Yz village. GY

D06(19/06): KL: Visit  the Sq and Qm Miao villages.

D07(20/06): Kl Visit the rural market at SD and then the Gj village around.

D08(21/06): LL: Visit Lg,Pk and Sd Miao villages, and other Miao villages on the way.

D09(22/06): Zho: Visit Bli, Yd Dong villages, Ks mini-skirt and Kz  Miao villages.

D10(23/06): Lp: Visit Dm, Dc and Zhainan Dong villages, perhaps have a short walking from Dm to Zhainan through the mountain.

D11(24/06): Cj: Visit the Hg, Xh, Bp and Gz ro Zl Dong villages.

D12(25/06): Jj: Drive to visit the famous terrace scenery at Jj Miao village .

D13(26/06): Zx: Visit the Dong village and walk from TA village.

D14(27/06): Cy: Taking the train to Sj, Cy. (19minutes)


  1. Vehicle
  2. Accommodation
  3. Guide
  4. Entry fee