Lusheng festival 2018(Oct.-Nov.)

Programs to the Miao Lusheng Festival 2018


1: Characteristic:

The two big Lusheng festivals still on their highlight!!

2: Time: (29/10 to 12/11)

3: Day by day programs:

D01:(29/11) Fly from home to China.

D02:(30/10) Arrive in Guiyang airport, be picked up and brought to Kaili.

D03:(31/10) Kaili: Visit the rural market in DZ and then Shiqiao and Qingman Miao villages.

D04:(01/11)Kaili: Visit the Lusheng festival at CA and Gejia village.

D05:(02/11) Sdong: Visit the Lusheng Festival at GL village of Huangping.

D06:(03/11) Jhe: Visit the Lusheng Festival at LT by Shidong, also rural market.

D07:(04/11) Lli. Visit some Miao villages on the way.

D08:(05/11) Zhhao: Visit rural market at Cenzui villages, and Bli, Yud Dong villages, and KS and KZ Miao villages.

D09:(06/11) Lip: Visit Dimen, Zhainan and other Dong villages.

D10:(07/11) TD: Visit Jli Miao village and some Dong villags on the way.

D11:(08/11) Jju: Visit the Miao and Dong villages along the terrace paddies.

D12:(09/11) CJang: Visit Basha Miao village and Pingzheng Zhuang village.

D13:(10/11) ZX: Visit Zhli, Bp, Xh and Hg Dong villages.

D14:(11/11) Zhxing: Hike from TAn to Zhx village.

D15:(12/11) Leave Guizhou to the next destination.

Cost: fr.1000$  (Fr.10Pax, otherwise the cost will be different.)

Incl. (Transportation inside Guizhou, accommodation, guide and driver service, commision for some spots, breakfast and lunch)