Festivals Tour in July 2024


16-Day tour in July2024 with highlights including the following ethnic minority festivals:

  • Liu Yue Liu-by Buyi, Miao or Dong 
  • Mao Festival-by Shui;
  • Worship to the Heaven-by Dong


1: Three fantastic minority festivals can be enjoyed.
2: Many authentic Miao, Dong and Shui villages on the visiting list.
3: Several types of Miao, Dong and Shui costumes will be showed.
Day by Day Programs:

Day 01 (03/07) Fly from home to China

Day 02 (04/07) Arrive in Guiyang airport: Pick up and transfer to Sandu.

Day 03 (05/07) Sandu: Enjoying the Miao Festival by the Shui people.women-sing

Day 04 (06/07) RoJiang, visit the rural market at Dayu.

Day 05 (07/07) Wangdong. Visit the rural Sunday market in Rongjiang. Miao and Dong villages.

Day 06 (08/07) Tingdong.Visit the Liu Yue Liu Fesitival and Miao village.

Day 07 (09/07) Jiajiu: Visit the Miao villages and terrace paddies.

Day 08 (10/07) Jiaju: Visit the terrace paddies.

Day 09 (11/07) Congjiang: Visit the Zhuang and Miao villages. the rural market at Td.

Day 10 (12/07) Zhaoxing: Visit the rural market at Fulu, Diping bridge.

Day 11 (13/07) Zhaoxing: Trecking around and visit.

Day 12 (14/07) Liping: Visit the Dong, Miao and Yao villages.dongdance

Day 13(15/07) Liping: Old street and ancient town.

Day 14 (16/07) Huanggang: Visit the preparation for the festival.

Day 15(17/07) Huanggang: Enjioy the Hantian Festival at the village.

Day 16 (18/07) Train to next destination.


  1. Vehicle
  2. Guide
  3. Accommodation  (except Chengyang on Day 16)
  4. Entry fee for these spots mentioning on the programs.