Festival Trip in W.Guizhou 2024


07/03 Arr.GY then drive to BJ.

08/03 BJ: Visiting the Tiaohua festival at XMZ.

09/03 BJ: Visiting the Xiangs festival at DF

10/03 Df-NY: Visiting Tiaohua at Qjt.        lll

11/03 NY-LPs: Some minority villages on the way.

12/03 Lps. Visiting Tiaohua festival there.

13/03 Lps-Lz: Miao villages on the way.

14/03 Lz-Zj. Miao village and rural market.

15/03 Zj-lc: Visiting Tiaohua festival by black Miao.

16/03 Zj-As-Gy: By villages and Old H village.