It’s a very strange that Covid seems to disappear!!

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Introduction: Covid-19 seems to disappear suddenly overnight? Supermarkets, shopping malls, KTV and parks have resumed their lively fireworks. Is it true that the virus disappeared overnight? Where has the virus gone?

The Chinese New Year 2023 is coming quietly. This is the first Spring Festival after the opening up. Everyone has rushed to the streets to enjoy the long-lost “freedom”. Even some people do not wear masks, which makes people inadvertently think that the epidemic that has accompanied us for three years is really over?

I remember when we just opened it up, Covid, like a mountain torrent, quickly swept across the vast majority of people in the country within a month, whether in cities or rural areas, even some sparsely populated places will also be infected, even without going out.

At that time, almost everyone was lying in bed, fighting for drugs and suffering from various strains of poison. Some people said that the pain was comparable to the birth of a child. Some people said that they felt like they were going to die. It was really hard to look back.

Experts predicted that the peak of the infection would be in the Chinese New Year, but it did not come. Therefore, during the New Year holiday, people were crazy to vent their anger, and all kinds of celebration activities were held in a blowout, and many scenic spots were overcrowded. Many cities where fireworks are prohibited suddenly opened.

The Covid seems to disappear!!!

People enjoy different festivals and celebrations all over China.







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